This is a special learning site. 
Dedicated to working with online in baskets in assessment centers. 

Who Are We

We are a partnership of CONSTRUCT and Scharley & Partner. Service providers for online assessment centers.

What We Do

Help all our customers and users with the application of in baskets in assessment centers. Online in baskets are reliable, valid and cost-efficient.

This Site

This site is dedicated to user support and education: help our users to do online in baskets and report on their candidates.

How Long

We started automating in baskets in the MS DOS days.  Each year thousands of people worldwide take part in one of our inbaskets. 

Our Mission

Help all our customers and users to have the best assessment centers in the world.

For Whom

It’s a long list: government agencies, banks, airlines, consultancy firms.  Let us know if you need a specific reference.

Why choose us?

We deliver easy to use in baskets to assess planning skills, management performance, and strategy execution.

If you have the need: we also develop custom made in-basket exercises.

With our choice of in baskets, we ‘ll always have the right in-basket for your assessment center.

The online adminsitration of online inbaskets is a matter of seconds
As our reports have a lot of information about a participants skill levels you will have a choice. Use the general results or do an in-depth analysis.

We provide all customers with this learning site. And we answer any question they ask.

Do you prefer a live conversation?

This learning site has no classrooms. But we love to talk. Call us or send us a mail and we will set up a meeting.

Would you like to meet us?

Yes! We'd like that too. We have offices in Europe: Amsterdam , Konstanz and Zurich. And we travel.